Enchant ’em…

Two weeks ago, (oops!) I wrote about ‘dem purple cows. And how it might be a good idea to become one. So exactly how do you go about doing that?

I think one of the ways you become remarkable, the essence of a purple cow, is that you learn how to enchant people. No, I’m not talking about witchcraft or the occult. I’m speaking of being able to engage your audience or customer or interviewer in such a way that they become positively in-tuned with you. It’s part of the bedrock of influence and persuasion.

Guy Kawasaki writes in most recent book, Enchantment, speaks of two necessary qualities needed to enchant others. Likability and Trustworthiness. Said another way, Personality and Character. Style and Substance. Carnegie and Covey. (For you book lovers out there, that’s a nod to How to Win Friends and Influence People, and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.) I mean, let’s face it, shady jerks aren’t in the enchantment business. Any remarks they gather aren’t of the positive sort.

Next post I’ll write a little bit about Likability. Maybe I’ll learn something about it and be able to engage my zombie customers at the World of Wally in such a way that they won’t eat me for dinner…


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