Getting a bit wet…

Today we got off to a later start, visiting first Blizzard Beach, one of  Disney’s two water parks. Blizzard Beach is known best for one ride…Summit Plummet.

This is a wedgie making monstrosity. I kinda sorta blacked out halfway down the thing. Don’t remember a thing except a mouthful of water. I survived it, but was quite ready to venture on to EPCOT once I “conquered” it.

EPCOT was great, did about half the rides in Future World, and walked the circle of countries at World Showcase. The International Food and Wine festival is going on, so I got to partake of a few offerings from several different countries. Today I tried Argentina, Mexico, Barley and Hops, and a sampling of different cheeses. Friday I will give some more a try.

Highlight at the parks: The American Adventure. This film and Audio Animatronic performance is a moving history of the origin of our country, and its journey throughout the years. I’m not the most patriotic person in the world, but this one definitely rekindled an appreciation for my American herritage. The show prompted much positive discussion between David and myself. Every American needs to see it.

Throughout the day, I got to play various Rush songs from my iPod to David, while driving from place to place. I was pointing out some of the songs in which you can audibly discern a Reggae influence, (such as Spirit of Radio, and Vital Signs.)   I was delighted to see from him a sincere appreciation for the music that thrills my soul. I would be able to do the same later this evening, as we visited Bob Marley’s at CityWalk, Universal Orlando. Bob Marley’s is a reggae venue, featuring a live band. Had a few Red Stripes, (sorry, my Baptist brethren, get over it…), and chilled for about two hours, listening to the jaunty vibe of various reggae offerings by the house band, Mystik NRG. David is a regular, so he was called out in welcome by the MC, as well myself, as “Scot from Texis” (said in the thickest of Jamacian accents)…it’s all good…;)

Overall, a very fun day. Tomorrow, a big one…Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure…which means The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter!


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