Christmas in Airports

It’s 7:19am. I’m in an airport. DFW to be precise. I’ve been here since approximately 6:30pm last evening, which was Christmas Eve. Oh, yeah….Merry Christmas! I am waiting for a 12:40pm flight to Lexington, Kentucky, where my niece resides. That’s where our family does the Christmas thing.

I actually kind of enjoy flying. (I don’t enjoy long delays, cancellations, and grumpy TSA agents.)
I enjoy the otherworldliness I kind of feel at airports. I like the people watching, especially trying to guess the different cultures represented. I like the mall like atmosphere in some airports, (like at Charlotte Douglass at Charlotte, North Carolina,) I just wished there were more practical amenities for those of us on long layovers so we could get some comfortable shuteye.

Obviously, I’m not on a layover. Had to get here earlier than normal because most folks aren’t available to help out with rides on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I’ve been able to nap, but apart from a small Snickers bar, and a 20oz Sprite, (totaling $4.25 at a newsstand, price gougers!) I’ve eaten nothing, and am greatly anticipating the leftovers of my family’s Christmas meal. The 12:40 flight will arrive in Lexington at 3:49pm, a two hour nine minute flight, give or take; we lose an hour due to time zone adjustment.

I’ve been in a lounge all night long, charging my ever depleting digital devices. There’s been one other lady in here most of the evening and morning, and she’s been crashed out. I’ve dozed off and on, but really can’t sleep well sitting in a chair. At approximately 6:00am, Terminal B began seeing an influx of early Christmas morning flights and traffic. About 4 more fliers have come and gone to and from our little hideaway. A lone TV screen showing segmented program from various stations is droning in the background. A combo of Classic Rock and Christmas standards are playing throughout the terminal, interrupted by annoying TSA announcements about not leaving your luggage unattended and not exiting not-for-public exit doors. Dire consequences for both!

An airport employee came in about 3:00am to vacuum the floor in our little hideaway lounge. She needed a bit more attention to her thoroughness. I occasionally get up to stretch my legs, not leaving our little space so I don’t make the mistake of leaving my troublesome carryons unattended. Who knew inanimate objects needed so much attention? Drama queens, geeh!
I pack up at about 4:00am, so I can find an appropriate facility to empty my bladder, and return to my little corner of paradise to unpack once again and charge my various ever depleting digital devices. (5 points for alliteration.) At 4:00, I get bored, so I pack up again, and hop on Skylink, the rail like train that connects all 5 terminals. Only two people board the entire lap.

Once back in Terminal B, I return to my little corner in paradise, once again unpacking my ever depleting digital devices, and resume their feeding. It is now 7:52, about 4 hours 18 minutes until the call for boarding…and it won’t get here soon enough!

Well, Merry Christmas again folks. Mine has been an adventure of “it is what it is.” Not bitter, just sleepy and hungry, and much anticipation for Lexington.


Addendum: It is 7:28pm, I am in a Hilton in Columbus, Ohio. My flight to Lexington was diverted to Columbus due to very bad visibility conditions in Lexington. After scrambling to find an alternative route to Lex, finally was able to get a flight to Charlotte then connect to Lexingtion tomorrow morning. My opinion has slightly changed from what I wrote earlier today.


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