2016 My Year in Review

I had some difficulty deciding what to write today. I didn’t want to write anything in one of the series I’ve already started. Since today is New Years Eve I thought I’d do a year in review kind of thing, but, since I really don’t pay a whole lot of attention to current events, it might be kind of lame. So, here we go…

The beginning of 2016 met me with trying to manage my hip pain, which in February, the steroid injection I received in December of 2015, began to wear off. Luckily, the pain I experienced was minor, however I began to also experience the pain in my left hip as well. Walking to work seems to actually help relieve the pain. As does regular walking and exercise. However, I’m not going to take up running until I meet a target weight, because I’m pretty sure my knees and ankles won’t be able to handle it. Anywho, the pain has been managed fairly well all year long.

Big movies this year…Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, Zootopia, Jungle Book, Captain America:Civil War, X-Men:Apocalypse, Sully, Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher:Never Go Back, Star Trek:Beyond, Ghostbusters, Arrival, and Rogue One have been my favorites of the year. (I have yet to see Passengers and Assassin’s Creed, I’ll add them by proxy.) I believe Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back. (And I love ALL the Star Wars movies. ALL of them.)

I decide sometime in June that I was going to begin the Andy Andrews Seven Decisions Readings on August 1st. Every morning, every evening, for five months, I read the appropriate reading. And it slowly rubbed off. It’s still rubbing off, and I’ll begin again this Monday, January 2nd. As a result, I began meditating and having quiet times in God’s Word and prayer. I’ve been getting up early, reading multiple books, multiple times….and seeing results as I’ve applied what I’ve learned. I guess I decided to do the New Year’s resolution thing five months early, and as a result I have some awesome momentum going into 2017.

Of course, there was the election. We got trumped. That’s all I got to say about that.

Lot’s of celebrity passings this year, too many to list here, with the exception of three I’ll mention here. David Bowie….even as a guy who listens to hard rock, metal, and progressive rock, this guy always had my endearing respect. My favorite song of his wasn’t actually his, it was a corroboration with Queen, Under Pressure. And who could forget his performance a The Goblin King in Labyrinth?

I could say same about Prince. I became a fan of his in 1982 with his album 1999, and in 1984 with Purple Rain. The guy was a phenomenal guitar player. Seriously, one of the most underrated guitar players ever. He manifested Jimi every time he played.

And lastly, Carrie Fisher, my Princess. This one hurt. They all do, but this one is a punch in the gut. I’m a Star Wars fan, and with my fellow fans, this is gonna leave a gap that can’t be filled. Add to the fact that her mother Debbie Reynolds tragically passed the day after, and you can just feel the shared heartbreak. So we lost a King (goblin), Prince, and Princess all in the same year, along with many others.

For me, personally, I also have two best friends who lost their parents within a week of each other, right before Christmas. I will be moving in with one of them, and this new living arrangement will provide a good symbiotic relationship between the two of us. He has a paid for house, and I have a consistent income. Bills paid for him, no rent for me. We’ve known each other for 35 years, so this should be interesting. We will overcome.

My Christmas flight to Lexington got diverted to Columbus due to poor visibility from low fog at Bluegrass Airport so I had a 17 hour unexpected layover, with a flight to Charlotte the next morning, and connecting there to Lexington. 26 hours with my family, and I’m back on a plane to DFW.

The past few days I’ve began packing and moving into Rich’s home. Have until Feb 28, but I’m gonna stretch it out over 2 months.

Well, there we go. It was kind of a blur, but those are the high points. I had a lot of growing moments throughout the year. How was your 2016?


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